About The Motivator

As a thriving dress designer, Jimmy Lee has been helping women of all shapes and sizes find the perfect outfit for special occasions. As Jimmy Lee progressed through his career as a designer, he had realized that he wanted more for his clients. He wanted them to feel and look their absolute best although in his eyes they already did. That is when Jimmy Lee had teamed up with Ashely to create the most ideal body shaper on the market. Jimmy Lee and Ashley were not looking to compete with the other products that were already out there however, they had a goal to create a body shaper that would do what no other shaper out there would. Since this realization, Jimmy Lee and Ashley worked vigorously going through many prototypes until they had finally succeeded in their goal in creating the perfect garment.

Thus, the Motivator was born! Many names were thought of to brand this product however, Jimmy Lee and Ashley decided on the name Motivator because that is exactly what they wanted their product to do, Motivate people. When the Motivator is put on, it brings everything in and shapes to perfection. With the no roll waistband, the connecting bra straps, and the butt shaping inserts to give that extra little boost, it made Jimmy Lees clients feel more confident just as he hoped. The Motivator is more than just a slimming garment. It will become an accessory to your wardrobe that will help motivate you into becoming that sleek, slender person you see in the mirror every time you wear it.